What's a StackLite?

It's a brilliant single car trailer with a "backpack"! It's the answer to the +1 question! In other words, bring the wife's track car, or a Razor for the big kids, or a golf cart for Dad, maybe a Smart Car, or...

Cars on trailer

How does the StackLite "Backpack" work?

Park the lower car on the bottom, add the aluminum crossbars and ramps, then park the second on the back! Nothing fancy, nothing heavy, just a simple solution to a nagging problem!


How capable is the StackLite?

7500lbs. capable! With two 5000lb. heavy duty trailer axles, both with brakes, this rig can 'haul the mail' as a single car trailer. If you'd like to use the "backpack", 2800lbs. max on the upper rear ramps, would likely fill most customer's needs! (NOTE: DO NOT EXCEED maximum trailer towing or maximum payload capacity of your tow-vehicle or this trailer. Please drive with care while towing. Our families rely upon it).